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Single Review: Codefendants & N8NOFACE – Bad Business

Codefendants & N8NOFACE – Bad Business

Release Date: 20th January 2023


Combining English and Spanish hip-hop, punk rock and just pure energy, Fat Mike of NOFX fame has a new project. Working with Get Dead’s Sam King, whiskey was the culprit as a band was started. The start of many a story but usually those stories end right there. Thankfully, this tale brings us Codefendants and their new genre: Crime Wave.

The third track from this ridiculously exciting group is ‘Bad Business’. The track makes fantastic use of both Mike and King’s musical nouse and, combined with N8NOFACE is something truly unique. Not something you get to say these days.

With NOFX on their final tour it’s just good to know that we’re not losing the whole band from releasing new music. This track is number three of five announced so far and is by far the most energetic of the trio so far. Keep your ears out for more of this!


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