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Single Review: Belted Sweater – Requiem

Belted Sweater – Requiem

Release Date: 3rd February 2023


Our next stop is with American drummer Christopher Patrick Gregory, a man lucky enough to have three first names and a fuckload of talent. Described by Gregory as having the drums “as the focus but have synths and shouting about gay shit”, Belted Sweater is an outlet for the creativity you can sometimes only channel on your own.

‘Requiem’ is more than a cover, it’s a reimagining of Killing Joke’a original, taking what was already a pretty trippy track and dialing up the psychotropic nature of it across the board. There is always a debate about whether or not a cover improves upon the source material but here, Gregory has managed to change so much whilst staying true to Killing Joke’s art that the conversation isn’t needed. This is almost a completely separate entity.

Certainly one to put on with some good headphones and just get lost in.


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