Singles Only 2019: Minus Ten Thousand Hours – pr0bl=m4tiC

Minus Ten Thousand Hours – pr0bl=m4tiC

FFO: Dinosaur Pile-Up, Reuben

Genre: Post-Punk

Release Date: 13th November 2019

Yes, the track name is one you need to get your head round a bit, but that’s the point really. ‘pr0bl=m4tiC’ is a track about the tricks the brain can play on your when you’re passionate about something…so if anything the name may undersell it a bit.

The track kicks off with an intricate piece of guitar before an irregular drum beat kicks in. This is Minus Ten Thousand Hours through and through. In a lot of songs the vocals are the pulling point but here it is a whole package that is dragging you in and engaging different parts of your body to try and tap anything nearby along to the beat (and inevitably failing).

The only thing about this track that isn’t problematic is the hitting that replay button when it finishes. The song is a wonderful selection of progressive rock, raw emotion and harnessed energy.


Catch up with the band on Soundcloud.

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