Singles Only 2019: Varices – The Wolf Inside

Varices – The Wolf Inside

FFO: Lamb Of God

Genre: Metal

Release Date: 22nd November 2019

If you like your metal to combine grooves and power with seamless ease then Varices are a band that you need on your radar. The Swedes are ending 2019 with a EP named Pitch Black Art and if this is how they say goodbye to a decade then you can just feel how big the 20’s are going to be for them.

The combination of clean and screamed vocals is not a new concept, but it’s so easy to get it completely wrong. That’s not the case on ‘The Wolf Inside’ though, as Varices switch their sound around constantly to cater for the two style, moving between pounding drums and chugging riffs to a more floaty and considered style.

This is a band that seem like they’re enjoying themselves and are certainly playing to their strengths which is wonderful to hear.

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