Singles Only 2019: Bastian – Nothing But Ash


Bastian – Nothing But Ash

Genre: Metalcore

Release Date: 1st November 2019

If you’re going to write a topical song, writing about climate change is probably right up there at the moment. Whether you’re in full save the planet mode or think that 16 year olds with more drive than you are pathetic, likelihood is you have an opinion on the subject and Canadian metalcore mob Bastian do too.

Not only do they have an opinion, it’s a strong and loud one too. From the very intro energy pours from the speakers as a barrage of guitars, drums and vocals meld into a powerful message culminating in the line “we all deserve to die” coming through clearly. Simple enough to see where Bastian stand on the debate now.

‘Nothing But Ash’ is a relevant and relatable title, not just in a planet-y sort of way but also in how your speakers will end up after having this track on repeat a couple of times. Powerful stuff from the most polite country on Earth.


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