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Single Review: Cairo Knife Fight – Churn

Cairo Knife Fight – Churn

Release Date: 14th February 2023


Five years since they last graced the world with new music, American duo Cairo Knife Fight decided 2023 is the year to make a triumphant return. And triumphant it is.

The power that two musicians can put out is often forgotten, despite many bands having done it over the past decade or so as a starting point. When you have one musician in Nick Gaffaney playing drums, synth keys and singing lead vocals though it does make things a bit easier…though no less impressive. Combining that with a grammy-winning guitarist in the form of George Pajon Jr. it would be hard to fail.

On ‘Churn’ it’s the contrast between the quiet sections that are seemingly reflective and the powerful choruses that turn everything up and are a barrel of energy. This is pure rock and it’s great to have them back on the scene. Now…about some UK shows…


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