Singles Only 2020: Reaper – Sigil

Sigil Cover


Reaper – Sigil

Genre: Thrash Metal 

Release Date: 1st April 2020



Classic sounding thrash-metal has seemed to have a bit of a renaissance in recent years. While the hardcore infused stomp and groove of the likes of Power Trip and Malevolence look to broaden the genre’s horizons a little bit further, there is also a crop of bands sticking to the tried and tested speed’n’riffs appraoch that has served thrashers well since 1984. The latest single from Liverpool’s Reaper, shows that the later approach has still got some legs in it yet. 

Aside from being assaulted from all-sides by a barrage of riffs, Sigil benefits from the band having a real ear for melody in their vocal lines which helps to add a tonne of personality. Along with the attempts to add more progessive elements, this shows that Reaper are doing far more than simply trying to recreate those classic 80s records. Instead they are looking to push the sound forward. 

When a band can do that and deliver some big meaty riffs, there isn’t really much more you can ask for when it comes to metal. A good time was had by all.

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