Singles Only 2020 : Qbomb – Everything Is Fine

Qbomb – Everything Is Fine

Genre: Hardcore/emo/pop-punk

Release date: 27th March 2020

Had enough of the same mundane rock track over and over and over and….where was I? Oh yeah, mind numbing repetition in the music industry. Well, nothing ever gets better if we act like nothing’s wrong. I’ve heard that before. Oh yeah, Qbomb. I’ll start again.

‘Everything Is Fine’ is the latest track from American genre benders Qbomb and it’s a track that that doesn’t bury it’s head in the sand about how things are a bit shit and you can deal with it wrong. With a catchy as fuck chorus and an important message this is a band with several fingers on the pulse.

Qbomb are the band for you if you like bands with personality, songs with energy and purpose and, I suppose, enjoying yourself when you listen to music.

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