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Singles Only 2020 : Am0ra – Girls’ Night

Am0ra – Girls’ Night

Genre: Hardcore/emo/pop-punk

Release date: 27th March 2020

Every now and then a band comes around that makes you sit up and take notice, not for doing anything remarkable, but for just tweaking something, somewhere that makes their music stand out. Am0ra have done that here on ‘Girls’ Night’.

With a softer tone than a lot of bands in this style, it would be easy to dismiss Am0ra as not quite being up to the task but you can feel that this track has as much passion as bands like Touché Amoré, despite not quite being as emotionally raw.

If you’re a fan of The Used, Thursday etc then you’re likely going to find a lot to love here. This is a band pushing a genre in a slightly different direction and that’s an important thing to get behind.

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