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Singles Only 2020 : Enshroud – Shattered Inside

Enshroud – Shattered Inside

Genre: Death Metal

Release date: 13th March 2020

Dark and moody, you can feel that Enshroud mean business as soon as the first notes of the intro to ‘Shattered Inside’ make their way into your ears. The anticipation builds from the first second until just under a minute has passed and the chugging riffs are unleashed.

‘Shattered Inside’ is the harrowing tale of a significant medical diagnosis before a child is born and one that is understandably packed full of emotion. This is Irish metal like you’ve probably not heard it before and it’s huge.

With deep growls, catchy and heavy riffs in equal measure and an atmosphere to the song that lasts through several different styles, ‘Shattered Inside’ is am absolute beast of a track and one that should take pride of place in any metal playlist.

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