Singles Only 2020: One Day Remains – Riot

One Day Remains – Riot

Genre: Alt-Rock

Release Date: 31st January 2020

A softer track for us today comes in the form of One Day Remains and their new song, released last Friday, ‘Riot’. The band brag roots throughout Europe, with Spanish, Portuguese, Swiss and Italian heritage throughout. You couldn’t tell though as this has the feel of an American rock band through and through.

From the considered opening, throughout the full four-minute run time, ‘Riot’ is a song that doesn’t hide from what it is in any way. The passion that Pedro Rodrigues puts into his vocals is the catalyst for everything that works in the band and provides the perfect ‘face’ of the song if you will.

 Musically it is softer than a lot of what we cover here, but if you’re a fan of bands like Mallory Knox then there’s a good chance you’ll connect with this on the first listen, before the first chorus maybe. 


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