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EP Review: Cheerbleederz – Lobotany




Release Date: 07/02/2020

Record Label: Alcopop! Records

For Fans Of: Diet Cig, Alvvays, The Breeders


Cheerbleederz are too good for this world. With only one EP under their belt, this indiepop supergroup-of-sorts distilled the best qualities of their individual bands and scene and turned it into perfect lo-fi punk. They nailed their first four songs and are now returning two years later with new EP Lobotany, still as on form as ever.

It’s clear that the members of Cheerbleederz feel a certain freedom when writing for this band, lines in the songs don’t feel like traditional lyrics but impulsive thoughts. The “I pay all my bills, I take all my pills when I’m told, but I was never picked at the disco,” details the complexities of figuring out your place in the world, being both proud of what you’re achieving but not quite happy with where you are now. Other songs detail the pressures of having the platform of a band, forming relationships and letting yourself be vulnerable. Sometimes this feels more like a soundtrack to the perfect coming of age movie, and it’s a testament to the bands ability for melody and songwriting.

Similarly their contemporaries (the likes of Alvvays and Kississippi), Cheerbleederz are combining an inherent sweet feminism with modern punk attitudes and it’s so important. The EP flies by and leaves you empowered, but most of all leaves you feeling human, and happy that you can live through the experiences of these three women. More bands like this pls, and maybe a full Cheerbleederz record?

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