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Singles Only 2019: Colored Surge – Freedom Call

Colored Surge – Freedom Call

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date: 6th December 2019

Hard rock from Germany tends to have a certain sound to it, a uniqueness that is only really found in mainland Europe. Luckily for those not a fan of that style, Colored Surge are a thing. Sadly they forgot the ‘u’ in their name.

‘Freedom Call’, like the spelling of their name, has all of that American-ness to it and the song has airs of The Offspring’s Splinter album, but with a bit less brass on show. Vocally you get your pretty standard rock vocals, but combined with a strong atmosphere of standing up to fight it works well.

Colored Surge have got all of the ingredients to make it from their strong sense of identity to their catchiness. This is a band you’re going to hear more of.


Keep up to date with the band through their Spotify.

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