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Singles Only 2019: The Dirty Nil – Christmas At My House

The Dirty Nil – Christmas At My House

Genre: Christmassy, punky, indie fun

Release Date: 13th December 2019

IT’S CHRISTMAS!!! Wrong song but right sentiments. The Dirty Nil are here to save you from the barrage of pop crap that is utterly relentless at this time of year with their feel-good, festive song that is bidding to join The Darkness as one of few acceptable Christmas songs for the alternative crowd.

From their signature fuzzy opening you wouldn’t even know that this was a Christmas song, but the opening line of “blind drunk on eggnog with my dad” lays out their cards, though. Sentimentality for the stranger side of the holiday season and pushing their distinctive sound means that this is immediately one of the most genuine songs of the festive period.

Get the mince pies out, pause Die Hard for a few minutes (preferably with Brucey in the ventilation shaft) and settle in front of the fire for this one.


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