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Singles Only 2019- Round-up #13

In our next edition ‘Singles Only 2019’, we will be jetting off around the world to the likes of America and Belgium to find the best new music. So chill out, read the review whilst listening to them on our Spotify playlist at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to follow it to keep up to date with the best and brightest in rock!

Intoxicated Rage- Political Warfare
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Intoxicated Rage begun in a dorm at the prestigious Berklee College of Music and quickly moved to touring in New England, USA and Canada. ‘Political Warfare is ‘a powerful account of modern society’s plagues through a fast and unforgiving sound’. Influenced strongly by classic heavy and thrash metal, lead vocalist Giuseppe ‘G’ sounds like a young James Hetfield. The heavy riffs come thick fast whilst keeping a strong groove throughout. And, of course, no thrash metal track would be complete without a guitar solo which lead guitarist Tyler Fritzel duly provides an absolute stunner at 2:45. 1980s thrash with a modern twist means Intoxicated Rage are on to a winner.

Vanderr- Sail
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Vanderr was formed by Aldo Vanderr in 2018. After his experience with touring throughout Europe and America, he has finally decided to make a full album of original material. On it, is new single ‘Sail’ an upbeat modern rocker layered with grunge. The opening riff sounds like it could be on a Nirvana album but the similarities don’t stop there. Aldo Vanderr’s vocals bear a resemblance to 90s grunge but more intelligible and retain a metal edge. There is a big chorus which is both inspiring and very catchy. It’s rare to find bands which are both grunge and uplifting but Vanderr have managed it; this is grunge for the 21st Century.

The Velocet- Chinatown
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Ahead of new music due to be released this year, The Velocet re-released “A Quick and Dirty Guide to War’ in January which was originally released in 2007 by the iconic label Eyeball Records. One of the highlights from it is ‘Chinatown’; a post-punk anthem,  reminiscent of the Strokes mixed with an indie rock flavouring. It’s catchy, passionate with a strong vocal hook. Its production value is excellent, particularly considering it was a DIY remake. It’s a great testament to the band that their music still stands tall after 12 years and it makes me excited for new material.

Prince Bishops- Come Alive
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Prince Bishops named after the ruler who ruled over their home county in the 7th Cenutry are a brand new rock band from County Durham and have just released their single ‘Come Alive’.  Reminiscent of the ‘The Bends’ era Radiohead, it an uplifting, mid-tempo indie rocker which has stimulating lyrics, catchy vocals and a string of melodic riffs.  ‘Come Alive’ is the lead single from their forthcoming album ‘All Is Due’ scheduled for release in 2019.

That’s all for this edition, thanks for reading! Don’t forget you can check out all the tracks we’ve reviewed this year on the playlist below:


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