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Live Review: Buckcherry and Hoobastank w/ Adelitas Way @ Rock City, Nottingham – 15/02/2019

I arrived at Rock City, Nottingham and was presented with a big queue already. It filled me with excitement that this night was you’d want it to be: A night of no-frills American hard rock with big tunes, roaring vocals and a packed crowd.

Adelitas Way were up first, I was disappointed to miss all but one song (Invincible) of their set on their first ever UK tour however I can assure it was for a good cause; I was interviewing Hoobastank!

In the pre-show interview (which you can read here), Doug mentioned that Hoobastank (8) were heavier than you expected live. And boy, was he right. My eardrums were certainly shocked as it felt they pinned to the back wall from the first note. Celebrating 15 years of The Reason, Hoobastank played a hits-filled set with the likes of ‘Out of Control’ and ‘Same Direction’ being sung over the dancers and headbangers.

Hoobastank combined the musical tightness that only comes from performing for 24 years with youthful energy. They jumped around getting the crowd revved up by promising “We are going to make you sweat”. Promise fulfilled! Everyone was sticky with sweat but we took no notice as we were having too much fun, the band included. They barely stopped smiling through and it was clear they still loved what they did which only served as more energy for the crowd to feed on.

Soon their hour was almost up and their set was closed by ‘Crawling In The Dark’ but not before their showstopper ‘The Reason’. In which the crowd sang along so loudly and passionately it almost drowned out Doug. A great set from the band who were warmly welcomed back to our shores for only their second tour in almost 15 years.


After a quick changeover, with just about enough time to get a drink, Buckcherry (8) exploded onto the stage with a funked-up cover of Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Head Like A Hole’. Their brand of party rock anthems has not lost the excitement of the UK crowd despite touring here on a regular basis.

Charismatic frontman Josh Todd looked like he owned the entire venue the way he prowled around on stage with his shirt off, showing off his impressive amount of tattoos.
It was reminiscent of a younger Axl Rose, the way Todd danced around the stage as they performed a plethora of hits such as ‘Lit Up’ and ‘Crazy Bitch’.

The band show their serious side as Todd talks about his wife before performing the ballad ‘Sorry’.

The mood is subdued albeit briefly but the crowd soon get it’s mojo back as Buckcherry head straight into ‘Bent’. Mixing in their own hits with other covers such as ‘I Love It’ (Icona Pop) it was a varied setlist which got the crowd pumped on this Friday night. The audio engineer should be acknowledged due to the quality of the vocals. I’ve been to far too many Rock gigs where vocals get drowned out to the point where I can barely tell what song. It was excellent throughout but I noticed it particularly with Buckcherry.

Their rock clichés may be slightly overdone but it’s all in good fun and there’s no doubt that the crowd went home enthralled and entertained.

Don’t forget to check out our interview with Hoobastank right now!

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