Singles Only 2019 – Round-Up #5

We’re back again with even more tracks from bands just waiting to be your new favourite. Give our opinions a read, give the tracks a listen and give our playlists a follow.

Zanibar Aliens – Hometown

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Bringing the energy immediately today we have the impressively named Zanibar Aliens with their take on psychedelic rock. ‘Hometown’ is an upbeat, foot-tapping romp of a track with vocals higher than some of Plant’s screechier elements. At just under four minutes, the song is fun throughout, especially when it around the 90-second mark where the guitars really take off. The pace keeps up for the duration and it’s impossible to stay still while listening to the song – could you ask for anymore?


Kid Kapichi – 2019

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Going in a completely different direction now we have Kid Kapichi, an indie rock band for the most part but the ferocity of their latest track ‘2019’ is like if the Arctic Monkeys had any sort of personality about them. After building something of a cult following in 2018, the band have stolen the name of the entire year and used it for their own purposes. Luckily the track has the pent up energy and musical talent to deliver. If 2019 is as good of a year as this is a track then we’re in for a bloody goodun.


Anthony Gomes – Blues in the First Degree

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Now, if you’re here because you want some blues in your life then Anthony Gomes is the man for you. With more soul and passion than you could shake one of his guitars at, Anthony is becoming synonymous with rock that hits you like a juggernaut. There’s nothing heavy here but the vocals are engaging from the very opening syllable and compel throughout the three and three quarter minute run time. If this track were released 50 years ago, there’s a good chance it would still be around today.


Press Club – Suburbia


With their new album, Late Teens, out on the 25th of Jan, Press Club are kicking off 2019 with an absolute bang. ‘Suburbia’ is a track that starts off quietly with nice soft vocals that lull you into a huge sense of security. 30 seconds later you’re transported to a world far away from that intro. Choruses that rise from the ground to verses that crumble back down. ‘Suburbia’ is a powerful rock song that should be your soundtrack to 2019.


Evol Walks – The Fire

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Shifting from Queensland, Australia to Los Angeles, USA could be enough to harm a band though Evol Walks have done just with it seemingly taking them from strength to strength since they came to fruition in 2014 . Marking their 5-year anniversary we have ‘The Fire’ and a track that fits right in there with bands like The Pretty Reckless when it comes to tracks the American audience would go crazy for. ‘The Fire’ is a balls-out rock track that should be huge when played live. Something I can’t wait to experience!


That’s this weeks singles reviews, please check out the tracks above and give them a listen in our embedded Spotify playlist below. Thanks for reading!


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