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Singles Only 2019 – Round-Up #6

We’re back again with even more tracks from bands just waiting to be your new favourite. Give this a read, give the tracks a listen and give our playlists a follow.

Away Team – Control

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Grungey-emo is basically the vogue genre right now…or at least it probably would be if it were a thing. Turns out that Denver, US rockers Away Team have gone and created their own little genre and it’s not as upsetting as it might sound. Driven by some fuzzy guitars and solid yet dreary (in a good way) vocals the track racks up four minutes that feel like they fly by. With their EP They Don’t Even Go Here out this weekend it’s a great time to start supporting the Away Team.


PissWand – Apex Prisoner

With a new album due on the 9th of February, ‘Apex Prisoner’ is the second single to be released by PissWand. Not for the faint-hearted, the track combines the sort of filthy riffs you’d associate with the dirtiest of underground venues with vocals as full of angst as you’re likely to hear. At three minutes on the dot, PissWand fill every second with passion and the result is a track that almost overflows. Having a bad day? Crank this up and that will go away!


Love In October – I Don’t Want To Die Tonight

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Heading to Chicago now it’s the turn of Love In October and their indie through and through track ‘I Don’t Want To Die Tonight’. If you were told that The Strokes were back with a rocket up their ass then this might be something like what you’d expect to hear. With the sort of tempo that could see your head fall off if you were to try and headbang along, this track was designed to get you dancing and resisting is all but futile. A fun track that seems to be a great intro track to Love In October as a whole.


Dead Defined – unWHOLEy

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When a band sounds a little like everything but not like anything, you know you’re on to a winner. Dead Defined have the vocals of American bands like Disturbed and Shinedown, an Industrial side that keeps them interesting musically and a song structure that doesn’t abide by any laws. ‘unWHOLEy’ is a track that has vocal hooks more comfortable in pop and a beat that is just plain heavy. This track needs to be heard by any rock fan.


Pieternel – Run No More

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Closing us out today is something entirely different. An intimate acoustic affair that just calms everyone and everything around it. With vocals as beautiful as you could imagine this sounds like it could have been born in the heart of the American Country scene, not Holland’s Amsterdam. It’s a bit poppier than we normally feature but sometimes a track is just captivating and transcends boundaries. ‘Run No More’ does just that.


That’s this weeks singles reviews, please check out the tracks above and give them a listen in our embedded Spotify playlist below. Thanks for reading!


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