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The Dirty Nil – I Don’t Want That Phone Call


The Dirty Nil have never been ones to mince their words or shroud them in metaphor, they make music about what they deeply believe in and for that reason, sing about it as loudly as they can. ‘I Don’t Want That Phone Call’ is a love letter of sorts to those dealing with substance abuse, it’s the message that there’s help out there for you, people are rooting for you to get better. There’s an irresistible punk charm that starts from the outset with the line, “Listen up motherfucker, I’m your friend” and continues as the song picks up guitar solos and rasped yells. The Dirty Nil are 70s rockers making punk music and are one of the best modern bands around at the moment, so put them on the top of your ‘To listen’ list.

Scott Kirby – Something To Move


When sorting through the piles of singles that get sent to Mind Noise Network, a song has to really stand out to get me to take notice. ‘Something To Move’ does just that as it lurches in with a twangy blues rock guitar and then the raspy deep voice of Scott Kirby. It’s not exactly original but it’s undoubtedly a tune that got me groovin’, it’s swampy yet catchy as the chorus lurches in with the “It’s all right now” that’s reminiscent of all the best country rock vocal hooks. It’s definitely a song to get dancing to.

The Estevans – 2 Minutes from Lincoln


On the surface, The Estevans are an indie band with the ‘Oi Oi’ vocals of Slaves and bright guitars similar to the likes of The Vaccines or The Libertines. But when you drill down, there’s a real heart to this four-piece similar to that of Jamie T, The Estevans have a youthful, charming and exciting feel to them. They’d be lapped up by the indie fans if they got the exposure. If you’re the kind of person that goes to Reading and Leeds festival and loses their mind over the likes of Circa Waves and Slaves, I can’t see why you wouldn’t like this fast paced indie gem.

TV Coma – Trudy


Now we’ve all met a Trudy, she’s the kind of girl that will tell you all about her vegan diet and how life changing reading Ulysses was. Here’s the kicker… I’m guilty of being a bit of a Trudy myself when I quote The Catcher in the Rye and explain how meaningful an experimental film about blankets was.

Tv Coma nail this character in ‘Trudy’, it’s done comically while still making a song that doesn’t for a second feel like a joke. The band have a clear sense of humour, great taste in music and a self-hating side to themselves. They’ve also clearly got a fantastic ability to write a catchy song, the chorus in ‘Trudy’ is simple, yet off the charts. ‘Trudy’ is this era’s ‘Stacy’s Mom’, and TV Coma use their rock chops to pull it off expertly.

itchy-O – Saptaloca


Right, itchy-O are a 57 piece mask wearing orchestral group that make avant garde electronical rock music with album artwork that looks like a 90s hardcore record. It’s a completely bizarre assault to the senses and mind and it will come as no shock that they’re on Jello Biafra’s record label. ‘Saptaloca’ is complete sonic chaos and something that absolutely must be listened to for curiosity alone.


I implore you to check out all of these acts, you can listen to the songs covered in the playlists below. Some songs aren’t released yet so will be added in later. We only include music that we like, so that should give you an indication of the quality of the tunes!

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