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Ey up! Today James takes the reigns on our daily singles review, picking out a fresh batch of talent worthy of your listening attention. While you’re out enjoying the bank holiday weekend, he’s been sat digging through new music all day, nothing but love eh!

Chio – The Rebel Inside


Allow ‘The Rebel Inside’ a good minute or so to really kick in, while the initial opening of Chio‘s US radio rock sound didn’t really do much to win me over, once that chorus starts, man, it’s like a different song altogether. What’s more impressive was finding out that Chio is just a one man rock and roll operation, and with writing choruses as big as this, it won’t be long before he’ll be getting noticed further. Chio’s new EP Unlearned Lessons is available on all media platforms, check it out! For fans of big US radio rock with a very slight hint of southern twang.

Twin Pigs – Lollipop


By far my favourite track this morning, Twin Pigs sound as if schizophrenic hardcore punk giants Kvelertak were drop kicked through a b-side horror movie filter. They’ve somehow established a brilliant contrast between sounding playfully tongue in cheek, while trying to tear your head clean off at the same time. Twin Pigs are onto a real punk rock winner here. Plus, after digging through their (often in Swedish) social media pages, it looks as if they’ve got a new album dropping soon, send me it please!

Upstairs – Trust The Process


On the lighter side of the spectrum we’ve got Cincinatti’s Upstairs. ‘Trust The Process’ is packed in abundance with quirky and colourful lyrics, doing it’s best to put a smile on my face on a dreary English morning. The chorus reminds me of Canadian indie upstarts Born Ruffians, but if a little more distortion was involved. I’ve had ‘Trust The Process’ on repeat all morning, and with a beautifully named EP Our Ass Is In The Jackpot Now, I’ll be sure to be checking the rest of their music out real soon.

Pretty Vicious – Move


What Pretty Vicious sound like, is what every other contemporary UK rock band SHOULD be trying to sound like. It’s rock and roll riffing fit for the radio but unafraid to have enough spit and punk rage in there worth twatting someone to. The music video to ‘Move’ is worth your attention alone, delightfully British. I’m hoping Pretty Vicious have a debut record with enough bite inbound and ready to release sooner rather than later, absolute banger.

Dry Reef – Come Away


Last but not least we’ve got by far the lightest track of today’s reviews coming straight from Philidelphia’s Dry Reef. ‘Come Away’ sounds like if Vampire Weekend were given a surf rock makeover and spent all their time listening to reggae. The ultimate math rock chill vibe, ‘Come Away’ is the follow up single to the bands’ 2018 Alright Revival EP, which incidentally has just been added to my personal Spotify playlists. Perfect for sunshine and relaxation, like the musical personification of a Capri Sun!


That’s five bands James discovered this morning, and hopefully a little something on offer for everyone! Please feel free to check out all artists using the links above, or alternatively through our embedded Spotify playlists below, covering all acts we’ve highlighted in our Singles Only series. As always, we value your opinion, let us know what you think!

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