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Escape The Future – Forever Now

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It seems at the moment like Southampton is a hotbed of musical talent and Escape The Future are the next in a long line of bands coming out of the Southern coast of England. The band are what I would imagine The Fratellis would have been if they had any stones between them. Vocally there isn’t much that hasn’t already been heard in the punk scene but that whole ‘singing in my own accent’ thing works really well over a punkier riff than it does with an acoustic guitar. This is a getting ready to go out for the night anthem of 2018.


Chuparuba – Electric Soul

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When thinking of indie rock you a lot of people will hark back to the early 00s to when ‘indie’ all sounded pretty much the same. Chuparuba are doing indie rock a bit different now though and ‘Electric Soul’ lives up to the track and band name. The track is a funky, fresh and fun track that spends five minutes chopping, changing and just frankly being weird and listening to it will bring a smile on your face and get you up and dancing for sure. The song has possible the catchiest bassline I’ve heard in a rock song for years.


Veritah – Wake Me Up

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If you took QOTSA, ground them up and made Royal Blood consume them you’d probably create a sound that already exists in Veritah. ‘Wake Me Up’ is the latest single from the Winnipeg duo and it has all the hallmarks of those bands at the top of their game at the moment. It has the fast paced drums, guitars that make it hard to understand how one person is playing them on first listen and straight rock vocals. ‘Wake Me Up’ has everything in it’s arsenal to make it in the current market.


The Jacks – Tonight

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The Jacks are a bit closer to that more traditional indie sound and ‘Tonight’ is a quintessential indie rock track. If it were written 10/15 years ago it would probably be littered across a myriad of adverts (commercials as they’re an American band) with cars driving too fast across terrain they almost certainly couldn’t actually drive on. The track is fast, catchy and has some great vocal hooks.


Signal Versus Noise – Not Holding My Breath

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For the second time in a couple of these features we are taking a look at a track from Signal Versus Noise. This time it’s ‘Not Holding My Breath’, a punchy track that is fast than ‘Nineteen‘ with just a little bit more about it. The track feels like it would slip nicely into any of those 00s emo playlists with consumate ease. The vocals have echoes of Dave McPherson still but with an added bit of Coheed And Cambria to them. This is the sort of track to listen to in a new relationship when everything is positive and fresh.


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