Album Review: Warcall – Invaders

warcallcover1INVADERSWarcall – Invaders

Release Date: 13th of October

Record Label: Plan B

Canadian thrashers Warcall are back with their 4th album Invaders, released on 13th of October. With a sound leaning towards the more hardcore-oriented sound of crossover thrash of the 80’s, this album is full of tight riffing and pounding drums and barking vocals aided by a slick, modern production that brings this classic sound to the present day. Headbanging is compulsory.

The first single Riding with Zombies is all about the excessive drinking and partying that bands get up to on the road (with added zombies) and really sets the tone for the rest of the album. If you like this track there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the rest of the album as it mainly sticks to this formula throughout.

While mainly sticking to the thrash formula, it does have some added elements that stand it standout. There are some great classic melodic riffs and solos in the vein of classic metal bands, and the main riff on Mass Extinction has a Maiden like gallop to it. Stand out track Through the Dusk has a surprising melodic death metal sound that you might expect to hear from a band like Dissection. It’s these extra touches that elevate Invaders from being a bog standard thrash album into something a little more interesting.

Overall, if you like thrash metal then you cant go wrong with this album. While it doesn’t break any new ground or bring anything as exciting as the new Power Trip album, it’s a good album in its own right and a great way to bang your head for 40 minutes.

Rating: 7/10

Recommended Track: Through the Dusk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warcallband/

Bandcamp: https://warcallmetal.bandcamp.com/

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