Album Review: We Came As Romans – Cold Like War

b.jpgWe Came As Romans – Cold Like War

Release Date: 20th October 2017

Label: Nuclear Blast

We Came As Romans seem to have been sat in that little area around ‘well known’ for a few years now. They seem to be a virtual household name around the metal scene but have struggled to push on from that mid-level size. 2017 sees them release their fifth album and, after playing shows worldwide either headlining or supporting some huge bands, trying to make that next step up.

Vultures With Clipped Wings opens up the album and despite initially sounding like a stuck record looping over the same couple of seconds it explodes after almost a minute and a half to that signature WCAR sound…but a more rounded version of it. The genre of ‘metalcore’ can often come with a stigma that it’s for ‘kids’ and isn’t a true form of metal. Well WCAR shit all over that philosophy right here. The opening 4 minutes of the track contain so much pent up anger that it’s hard to imagine it could possibly be ‘catchy’ at any point, yet with ease the song switches from powerful riffs to catchy vocals.

The title track is up next and has a groove to it that feels so out of place in the metalcore world that it’s easy to forget what you’re actually listening to. The ferocity of the opening track is still here through the verses, but the chorus dials it down with softer vocals and moves from the ‘Architects’ style to a more ‘The Amity Affliction’ style chorus.

The fact they’re moving slightly away from the American metalcore style to the arguably more successful European/Australian style shows that these guys are really thinking about the music that they’re releasing. The album as a whole switches so seamlessly between power and anger to a more reserved, emotional tone. Lost In the Moment displays this along with some elements closer to PVRIS than their usual sound.

For me personally, this album is probably the best that WCAR have put out. It’s accessible, it’s heavy, it’s calculated and it has the feel of an album where the band have truly written the songs they wanted to and been given the time to do that. If you’ve written off We Came As Romans before then now is the time to give them another try.

Rating: 9/10

Recommended Tracks: Two Hands, Cold Like War

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