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Single Review: Flash Daddy – If You’ve Got It

Flash Daddy – If You’ve Got It

Release Date: 3rd December 2022

If catchy as fuck rock is your cup of tea then the odds are ‘If You’ve Got It’ from French rockers Flash Daddy will make sure you’re getting your fix,

From the intro through upbeat and funky vocals to the solo around the two-minute mark, this is a track that knows what it’s about and isn’t afraid to just go with it. They themselves claim to be bringing 1950s rock into the 00s and this track embodies the spirit of both.

This fits the general aesthetic and vibe that Flash Daddy usually bring too, with the whole Stretch Marks & TCB EP being of a similar ilk, balls-to-the-wall rock. This band is a new discovery for us at Hardbeat but it’s being added to the HQ playlist as we speak.

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