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Single Review: An Absence Of Colour – Wasting Away

An Absence Of Colour – Wasting Away

Release Date: 1st January 2023

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For a three-piece metalcore project, An Absence Of Colour go HARD, if not a bit too infrequently. ‘Wasting Away’ is the band’s second single in as many years and is already making us at Hardbeat long for more.

Yes, this is metalcore through and through. The signature metalcore riffs are there and the screams/growls are unmistakable, but it just feels a bit bigger here than some of the familiar names have brought to the table in recent years. The drumming feels more urgent and the riffs chunkier, the sort of combination that you want smacking you in the face as you turn around from the bar at your local.

With just the two tracks so far it’s well worth getting in early on the journey that this trio is going to take us on.


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