Itoldyouiwouldeatyou: The Fest Shalom Interview

Ahead of this weekend’s Fest Shalom, we caught up with our favourite emo math rock outfit, itoldyouiwouldeatyou. Stay tuned for more interviews with the band’s playing the festival.


In 2021, how many members are there in ITYIWEY? 

I regret to inform you that here in ‘21 our membership is at an all time low of 6. We’ve tried everything but we’re just not getting the volunteers we used to. 


What bands have you all been digging during lockdown?

I’m pretty obsessive so my brain has had enough time to go through a record high number of interests during lockdown. That said, after having Nnamdï recommended to me a dozen times I finally did a deep dive. Sometimes when I feel sad now I listen to Nnamdi’s song ‘Salut’ which helps remind me that I’m just a small part of so many massive, beautiful things. 

After a big break in touring, which songs are you most excited to play live, and why?

This probably sounds obvious, but New Ones. We have lots of New Ones. We’re also looking at doing some very old ones possibly? 

There is a new song called ‘Moscow Is Silent’ that I can’t wait for people to hear. It’s our ‘When You Were Young’. Another one is called ‘Leon’. It’s our ‘Human’.


Can we expect to hear any new music from you at Fest Shalom? 

I can’t promise anything without the explicit say so of the others, but yes I imagine you can! 


Which band on the Fest Shalom lineup are you most excited to catch and why?

Lineup is stacked tbh and again I can’t speak for the others but I’ve been wanting to see Autumnboy for ages so that’s up there for me. I was into the Floods In Japan demo last year too and I can imagine that’ll translate to a fun time live. Kieran PA, Buds and Bryony Williams have all put out great music in the last year. Yeah Idk when I’m gonna eat at this thing cos every band is either a mate or someone I’ve been meaning to catch.


You can purchase tickets to Fest Shalom here. DO IT!


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