Bryony Williams: The Fest Shalom Interview

It’s Fest Shalom this weekend and we caught up with Bryony Williams to talk about it!

What was it like signing to Beth Shalom Records and releasing State I’m In with them?

EXCITING. This is my first ever record deal and it was done between friends. So, to be able to join forces and to be able to put out a run of vinyl was a dream of mine that came true and it has sold so well! 

Which artists have been inspiring you during lockdown?

Graywave and YNES. Both are local artists on the Birmingham scene and to see them both continue working so hard and achieving so much during this time is ridiculously inspiring. They are both formidable artists. 

In terms of music artists that have been inspiring/influencing my next record would be… BENEE, Jay Som, Soccer Mommy, Fenne Lilly, Fiona Apple, Hazel English, and Sufjan Stevens. 

Have you been writing music during lockdown? If so, how has it been going

Other than the State I’m In record that was written and produced through lockdown, I found it super hard to write because what is there to write about? To combat this and in coincidence with the monthly Bandcamp Friday initiative, I tasked myself to record home demo’s and to release them in their raw form. This was a fun concept and I did some merch-giveaways too to help keep people feeling connected and part of something. Plus, who wouldn’t want a free Bryony Williams t-shirt? 

For the most part though, it feels like the guitar has been collecting dust. But once I’m back in the mind-frame of releasing more music… I know there will be a few gems hidden within those home recordings.

Which band on the Fest Shalom lineup are you most excited to catch and why?

When listening to Parachute For Gordo, I can just feel it in my bones the waves of music that’s going to travel through my body when I’m standing in the middle of the crowd ~ with their layered guitars and extended instrumentals, oh boy am I excited to feel that electricity again.

You can purchase tickets to Fest Shalom here. DO IT!

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