Lastelle: The Fest Shalom Interview

It’s Fest Shalom today and we caught up with headliners Lastelle!

What has the reception to Delicate been like? 

We’ve been overwhelmed with the response to Delicate. It’s allowed us to reach a whole new audience; a lot of people have reached out and said how the songs have touched them in some way, and that really means a lot to us. 

Which new songs are you most excited to play live? 

I think ‘Coping Without A Cure’ is a favourite amongst the band, due to its punchiness and massive atmospheres. It’s been a really fun one to play for us. Weirdly, also ‘Reverie’, which is only a short instrumental piece, but it includes trumpet and ebow’d guitar so it’s quite a fun one to pull out live. 

Do you have any plans to begin working on a debut album?

We’ve been doing a lot of writing behind the scenes, which we’re really enjoying. In terms of what to do with it all – we’re still figuring that bit out! 

Your music is very grand and emotional. How do you plan on bringing this to the live show? 

I think the biggest thing for us is to translate the power of the music into our physical performance. We like to try and give it 110% live, so what you’re watching emphasises what you’re hearing too. 

Which band on the Fest Shalom lineup are you most excited to catch and why? 

Brutalligators, because they have an amazing name.


You can purchase tickets to Fest Shalom here. DO IT!

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