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Album Review: Boys of Fall – Distance



Label: inVogue Records

Release Date: 20/11/20

For Fans Of: A Day To Remember, Issues, The Gospel Youth


Boys of Fall never fail to impress with their uplifting melodies, catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics. They can make you feel happy and sad, energetic and drained all at the same time and in the best way. On Distance, the Detroit five-piece are diving back into the emotional roots of debut album Thank You and Goodbye (2016) and incorporating heavier vocals and instrumental arrangements, while still keeping the newfound easy-core grooviness of Better Moments (2018).

Opening the album is title track ‘Distance’, which is also the leading single and quite appropriately so. Starting off with atmospheric guitar vibes and calm wistful undertones, the momentum is picked up halfway through the song, punching powerful vocals and guitars in its progress, driven by the force of Scott Solomon‘s drums. It’s overwhelming with emotion and perfectly sets the mood for the rest of the album.

The mix of the tracks on the record showcase the band’s songwriting abilities, which are mirrored throughout, shown-off especially well in the second single ‘Midnight‘. Every beat of this song is infectious and is very well structured lyrically and musically. Tracks like ‘Rain‘ and ‘False Love‘ casually float along to the centrepieces of the album, while ‘Heavy Hearts’ and ‘Overthinking‘ hit hard and feel fresh. The lower guttural screams of vocalist Michael Martenson are not something heard often in the genre, yet they fit so well, flawlessly juxtaposed between the clean vocals and the pop-punk guitar melodies. The contrast however, goes beyond their musical approach. Behind the upbeat tunes, Boys of Fall talk about painful topics and struggles, such as dealing with a darkness within, guilt and separation.

Boys Of Fall have taken it upon themselves to embrace their experiences, individually and as a band, encapsulating it all in Distance. Their sound isn’t ultimately something completely new or unexpected from them, but they are definitely where they’re supposed to be as a band. They have taken all the finest parts of themselves, developed and grown an individual and unique sound.They incorporate the best elements of different genres, varying from pop-punk and metal-core to pop, and even hip-hop, and have put their whole heart into this album.

These boys are one of the most underrated bands in the scene today, but it looks like they’re slowly starting to take it by storm – all ships ahead – constantly gaining more recognition each day from inside and outside the scene. They’re incredibly versatile and memorable, which is why they’re one of the best new bands the scene has to offer, with this album being their most honest expression so far.

Recommended tracks:Distance’, ‘Midnight’, ‘Worth It’, ‘False Love

Rating: 9/10

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