Singles Only 2020: Jordan Red – Way Down

Jordan Red – Way Down

Release Date: 13th November 2020

Genre: Hard Rock

Hard rock in the UK tends to mean something a bit different to that across the pond in the states, over there it is heavily geared towards that radio sound that they seem to gobble up. Only fair that we get a bit of a look in at it though, isn’t it?

Jordan Red’s latest single ‘Way Down’ is self-proclaimed as ‘an anthem of self-acceptance’, a great message and an important one at that. The track feels like what happens when you cross Shinedown, Alter Bridge and a bit of British spirit. A winning combination for sure.

When looking for new music, if you like it to be comfortable and as if it could easily fit in towards the top end of most Sunday’s at Download, Jordan Red is what you need.

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