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Singles Only 2020: Enshroud – Deception

Enshroud – Deception

Release Date: 25th September 2020

Genre: Melodic Metal

From the EP of the same name ‘Deception’ is the final track of Enshroud’s debut release and at seven and a half minutes long somehow does nothing but whet the appetite and almost force you to go and listen to the rest.

What truly captures the imagination on ‘Deception’ is how the song manages to ebb, flow, move, transition and keep everything fresh whilst keeping you thoroughly engaged. Some songs that come out at just five or so minutes can feel like a chore, but here, somehow, seven and a half minutes feels like it isn’t quite enough.

If you’re just in the need for a powerful piece of metal that doesn’t follow that usual template then Enshroud have got your back. Start with this song, then go back to the start of the EP and listen through until this sees it out again.


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