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Singles Only 2020: Secondhand Habit – Choice Chance Change

Secondhand Habit – Choice Chance Change

Release Date: 4th September 2020

Genre: Hard Rock

The penultimate single released from Secondhand Habit’s latest album was entitled ‘Choice Chance Change’, a song title that is hard enough to say sober so after a whiskey or two you may as well just give up.

The Canadian rockers album was released at the back end of September and it follows the style they’ve built over the last few years: rock and roll played hard and fast. At just shy of four-minutes run time you’re going to end this song having no choice but to have spent the last few minutes jumping around (or for the more introverted read ‘sitting down nodding slightly’)

With Contact High dropping in the middle of a pandemic there hasn’t been much chance for it to be shared with the world so head over and give Secondhand Habit some love now.

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