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Album Review: Hands Like Houses – Hands Like Houses

Release Date: 23/10/2020

Record Label: UNFD

For Fans Of: Lower Than Atlantis, Stand Atlantic, The Faim

Warning: This review contains praise of the very highest order. After over a decade as a band, Hands Like Houses continue to hit out of the park with this self-titled EP showcasing yet another facet to a band whose work has evolved again and again over time. Hands Like Houses is fresh, bold, and a timely reminder of why this band are held in such high regard within the rock scene. Strap yourselves in, Hands Like Houses are back and better than ever!

The Australian music scene is thriving at the moment with some serious talent on offer from down under, but Hands Like Houses are at the head of the table. There has always been a genuine sincerity to the lyrics of the band, backed by killer vocals and a huge anthemic sound. ‘Space’ sees Trenton Woodley and the boys grapple with emotional and spatial tension in their lives, but the track itself has an almost ethereal beauty. Similarly, ‘Wired’ is a gorgeous effort with a raw, emotional core masked by a flawless, polished exterior. There’s never been any doubting the authenticity of this band; Hands Like Houses wear their heart on their sleeve and they get your blood pumping.

A self-titled release from a band that are so far into their career might seem strange, but like with every release from the five-piece, Hands Like Houses feels like the debut album from a band that are looking to freshen up the rock scene before it goes stale. ‘The Water’ is the pick of the bunch on the EP. The bass is irresistible from the offset, the lyrics and vocals are incredible, and there’s an energy that resides within it which makes it a must for live sets moving forward. (Did someone mention live music or are the allergies kicking in again?) There’s some Class-A rock music on this release, and not the watered-down, pre-watershed shit. ‘Stranger’ is a belter with a hook that Peter Pan would be terrified of, and ‘Dangerous’ is a psychedelic explosion that is both playful and aggressive. 

If Hands Like Houses have somehow escaped you up to now then this self-titled release is the perfect introduction to the Australian heavyweights, but by no means is it a reflection of their work to date. Itis different from its predecessors and marks yet another different musical direction the band have ventured down within their career, but the quality of music hasn’t slipped at all with this EP. Turn the volume up and immerse yourself in amongst five kick-ass rock tracks from one of the most accomplished acts on the scene.

Rating: 9/10

Recommended Track: ‘The Water’

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