Singles Only 2020: Hannah Bowers – Bad Behaviour

Hannah Bowers – Bad Behaviour

Genre: Alt Rock

Release Date: 21st August 2020

If you want to head back to the mid 2000s, when things like ‘Butterfly’ from Crazy Town and OPM’s ‘Heaven Is A Halfpipe’ were a borderline obsession but also like a bit of originality and a dose of feminism ‘Bad Behaviour’ is for you.

Hannah Bowers is bringing together so many style from the past 25+ years. Those who still can’t stop listening to Jagged Little Pill but also love a bit of Sublime will probably find the 3:19 of ‘Bad Behaviour’ to be home. It’s about as chilled out as anyone can possibly get during a global pandemic.

With a catalogue as varied as anything you could wish to listen to, Hannah isn’t allowing herself to be constrained by the norms of an industry that can pigeonhole without second thought.

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