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Album Review: Maggie Cassidy – Life Is Beautiful



Release Date: 31/07/2020

Record Label: Unsigned

For Fans Of: Deaf Havana, The Faim, Normandie

Holy. Shit. Admittedly it’s not the most poetic or catchy of opening lines but damn is it apt. Maggie Cassidy’s debut EP Life Is Beautiful has arrived and we don’t ever want it to leave. This is a dirty-pop rock record that is going to leave quite a mark on the scene – you heard it here first.

Life Is Beautiful is undeniably infused with pop music but this EP from Maggie Cassidy is much more American Pie: Band Camp than it is Camp Rock. The release sounds polished, although there’s a raw dose of reality within its meaning and an irresistible pop underpinning the record. ‘Tell Me Why’ is infectious, anthemic, and has a Rituals-era Deaf Havana vibe to it. It’s a wonderfully constructed track that has the catchiest of choruses, inspirational lyrics and it slaps. Similar can be said for ‘S.A.D’ and ‘Just To Know’, although these tracks have a darker depth to their otherwise positive exterior. The guitar is pure filth at times on this record but never more so than on these tracks.

Maggie Cassidy showcase a more restrained and subtle, but equally impressive, side on Life Is Beautiful too. ‘You Don’t Excite Me’ is a beautifully performed, charming and heart-aching track, solely on an acoustic guitar and flawless vocals. In fact, the vocals from Jamie Coupe throughout this entire record are faultless. There are occasions such as with this track where they are raw, real and gritty, and others where they are refined and melodic. ‘I’m Alive’ is an example of both vocal styles and is an uplifting track that builds momentum, before eventually exploding out of the speakers with its message about appreciating what you have; life.

It’s common for upcoming bands to blend in with the rest of the scene by mirroring the sound of successful artists, but it’s rare for upcoming bands to forge their own sound and stand out from the rest. Maggie Cassidy are an exciting British band that most certainly fall into the latter category. Life Is Beautiful is an EP that feels fresh, current, and is a joy to listen to over and over again.

Rating: 8/10

Recommended Track: ‘Tell Me Why’

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