Singles Only 2020: Vain Louie – Decomposed

Vain Louie – Decomposed

Genre: Post-Hardcore

Release date: 17th April 2020

We’re heading to Nijmegen, Netherlands, for our next stop on this tour and it’s Vain Louie taking the reins with their latest track ‘Decomposed’.

The Dutch quintet are making their name through an unrelenting energy and a sound that draws on the breakdowns of hardcore towards the end after a track that is spread in style across many genres up to that point. Backing vocals have a bit of a Priorities era Don Broco feel to them, lead vocals are harsh and intense and despite an ever transitioning song they never lose the energy that is there from the very start.

Vain Louie won’t be a household just yet but this is an excellent effort at getting their name out there.

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