Singles Only 2019: The Hara – FYI


The Hara – FYI

Genre: Pop Rock / Alt Rock

Release Date: 13th December 2019

When a piano kicks off a track by a pop rock band it’s hard to really have a clue where the song is going and that is certainly the case for The Hara’s ‘FYI’.

With a look that looks like it would be so at home in the early 00s it hurts, The Hara are channeling that era in more than just looks. The emo pours out of each element of this track from the odd strike of a piano key to a ‘them against us’ ideology it looks like eyeliner is firmly on the menu. In a timeline where MCR are back this is the perfect timing too.

‘FYI’ has everything an anthem needs, from pounding choruses to body moving riffs. The  Hara are equal parts style and substance.


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