Singles Only 2019: X Raiders – Train Man

X Raiders – Train Man

FFO: Turbonegro

Release Date: 12th December 2019

You can’t beat a good bit of energy and to an even greater degree…you can’t beat an absolute fuck load of energy coming out of a track about a ‘Train Man’.

We’re back with Dutch rockers X Raiders as they discuss the trials and tribulations of being a commuter on public transport. From a musical point of view, the song would be well at home on games like the fantastically fun Need For Speed Most Wanted (the original one), it’s pacey, keeps fresh with various different elements and vocally raw.

Despite turning the humour down a notch or two on this track, the band still pour their own, slightly less than serious, personality in the three minutes it lasts, this is what sets them apart after all.


Catch the band on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/xraidersband/

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