Singles Only 2019 – Round-up #26

Avale – Confuse

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Fans of American rock music need to step up and take notice of Avale and their take on the genre. With those big, clean riffs and easy to understand vocals they are following a template that has been laid out before them by many, many bands and following it to perfection. There’s an element of grunginess that runs through the band though and that comes through on ‘Confuse’, especially during the instrumental breaks that are dotted through the tracks. This is a band that are hitting the perfect market at a great time and it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear their name a lot more through 2019 and onwards.


Pure Tonic – Last Goodbye

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With Pure Tonic and their track ‘Last Goodbye’ we have a track with so much energy you can feel it coming through your headphones. From the very intro you’re engaged with the track and want it piping into your veins. These Germans have a formula that they’re following and, similar to bands like Massive, they’re doing it with their balls well and truly out. ‘Last Goodbye’ is the sort of song you hear at a festival as you’re walking past the stage and immediately stop and take notice!


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