Singles Only 2019 – Round-up #19

Yeah, this is a good week of songs…..

Press Club – Get Better


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Press Club released one of my favourite records of 2018. Sounding like an Aussie Brody Dalle covering Milk Teeth and Slotface, the album was an incredible blend of euphoric vocals lines, emotion and snarl. All of this showing up in ‘Get Better’ to make a genuine summer anthem before summer even comes around. There’s so much charm in this young bunch and I have all the good will in the world for them. Let’s hope they go on to release that next perfect record I know they’re capable of.

Ecce Shnak – Harassment VII, One On Slav: Party at Patrick Ewing’s House


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Well this one is pure insanity, I don’t know who Ecce Shnak are or where they came from, but they’re definitely making it hard for people to ignore them. This lot are mad art-rocker sampler weirdos, it works…. somehow and this can mainly be put down to it’s wackiness. I rate the daring, keep at it you freaks.

Panic Room – Cerebral Chasm

Panic Room.jpg

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Rarely can you go wrong with a bit of straight up thrash music, Panic Room go one step further and couple it with hardcore vocals. That’s a win/win in my eyes. Rifftastic and heavy with those vocals that just sound like pure anger, ‘Cerebral Chasm’ lives up to it’s rather metal title. Bands like this are always gonna be around, bands like this are always gonna be great fun to headbang to.

American Terror – Retribution

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If I know anything about the readers of MNN, I know that there’s gonna be at least one of you that falls in love with American Terror. On ‘Retribution’ they blast you with pure punk energy, catchy lyricism and attitude, I’m not sure whether they realise how over the top and comical their lyrics are, but it doesn’t matter, this is just pure metal fun.

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