Singles Only 2019- Round-up #15

In our next edition ‘Singles Only 2019’, we will be jetting off around the world to find the best new music overseas as well as the UK. So chill out, read the review whilst listening to them on our Spotify playlist at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to follow it to keep up to date with the best and brightest in rock!

Dead Superstar- On The Ledge
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Dead Superstar has never been a band to shy away from tough topics and ‘On The Ledge’ is no different. The track delves into themes of abandonment and self-preservation; vocalist Terence Keith stated: “Written to remind yourselves in life you need space to breathe. Life is too short for self-abuse. You’re not alone—carry on!” Musically, ‘On The Ledge’ has a guitar-driven sound with plenty of melody and the vocals sound like a love child between Michael Poulsen (Volbeat) and Layne Staley (Alice in Chains). It’s their first single from their upcoming second album I Did It For The Rock Gods, due out on April 18th and if the album continues in the same vein, it’s going to be a very good album.

The Grand Myth- A Light Beyond

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The Grand Myth is a one-man project from Las Vegas who released their debut album ‘The Cabin’ 3 weeks ago. The Cabin is a pseudo-concept album about mental health and how we face depression, fear and anger. ‘A Light Beyond’ is one of the stand-out tracks, a rollercoaster ride of progressive riffs, stunning melodies and death metal drumming. Brandon Bordman uses both clean and growled vocals throughout the song, creating some powerful contrasts. The Grand Myth was originally started seven years ago but after constantly being on the back-burner, it’s finally given birth and I for one hope it won’t be another seven years before another conception.

Zurich- Feels Like Love
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‘Feels Like Love’ is the latest single from Zurich’s second EP ‘Out of Dust’, released at the end of last month. It features a polished, well-produced sound, made even more impressive by the fact that it DIY by lead vocalist Adrian Banks at home. The track starts off ballad-like, with a piano-driven intro before slowly but surely picking up the pace. It uniquely combines a modern post-punk style with an 80s electronic pop sound. It’s paradoxical in its way; it’s epic but understated, it’s polished yet emotive.  Zurich has brought together a diverse set of ingredients to create a very strong single.

X Raiders – Fleshwolf
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X Raiders released their first single ‘Fleshwolf’ eight days, the first of a string of singles expected before the release of their second full-length album in the Autumn. Produced by Grammy-Nominated producer Attie Bauw (Judas Priest, The Scorpions) ‘Fleshwolf’ is fast, aggressive rock n roll with punk-like vocals. It binds together punk with New Wave of British Heavy Metal; imagine if Turbonegro and Judas Priest had a baby, this is what it would sound like. And, whilst the lyrics are at times downright bizarre, it’s raw, heavy and great fun. Whilst this does nod to the past, make no mistake, this is no copycat. it’s new, modern and original. This is 21st-century rock at it’s best.

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