MNN Presents: Seven Hells on Bloodstock Festival

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Talk a bit about the band and your sound.

Seven Hells- Easily mistaken for a boy band, Seven Hells are a young metal band with a mature sound. Inspired by the concept of a post apocalyptic world the band write songs with crushing riffs, melodic leads, tight rythms and memorable brutal vocals. With a wide range of influences we have elements of lots of sub genres – metalcore, thrash, hardcore and more! Fans of Justin Bieber and Drake probably won’t like us at first but if they accidentally turn up at our show we can guarantee they will be leaving with horns raised high as a newly converted metalhead \M/

How do you plan to set yourselves apart from the other bands at the festival?

SH- This is usually the part where bands say seeing them will change your life, be better than your wedding day and the birth of your first child etc etc…..all of that is of course true however we would much rather our music do the talking than give reasons why, so come down and see us for yourself on the newblood stage!

What does the opportunity to play Bloodstock mean to you?

SH- It’s a massive opportunity for us to get the taste of a big festival, something we all have worked hard and aimed for. Bloodstock is a great chance for us to networks meet other bands, promoters and who knows maybe even a future record label….

What other opportunities have you had that are similar to this?

SH- Our biggest gig to date was playing De Montfort Hall which has had some iconic bands perform on that stage, it was a privellage to play there and proved to us that we can handle ourselves on a big stage. Next year we have been announced to play HRH metal alongside such metal giants as Decapitated, Devilment and Lost Society. We will be doing our best to contain our inner fan girl and act all metal and tough of course, this means screaming will be kept to a minimum….well we’ll do our best, not making any promises.

As a young band, do you feel that you have received much support from the big players in the industry?

SH- At this eaely stage in our journey to metal stardom we haven’t had much contact with the big players yet, however events like Bloodstock and HRH will enable us to do this! As you mentioned we are a young band, a young band with a middle aged vocalist so time really isn’t on our side…..we are going to give it our all now to breakthrough and become one of the top metal bands out there.

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