MNN Presents: Pelugion on Bloodstock Festival

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Tell the Mind Noise Network readers a little bit about Pelugion.

Pelugion- The 3 of us met in college about 6 years ago where we studied music. Having jammed Metallica and Sabbath religiously the first year, our own music slowly developed and lead us to here. We’ve achieved a fair amount over these past few years but our best is still yet to come! (we hope!)

What did it feel like to win Metal 2 the Masses Coventry?

P- A mix of shock and delight to say the least! This was our 4th year participating and getting to the final, so our protective shields were up and prepared for the worst. Alas, it was our name that was called and Poojun couldn’t be more grateful.

Can you talk a bit about how determination can take you to big places?

P- I think a lot of people would be happy with playing average/comfortable gigs every other week, but the 3 of us are determined to achieve so much more. Whatever that equates to I don’t know but every ounce of effort will go into making this journey something all of us can be proud of.

Do you try to model yourselves off any of the other bands playing Bloostock?

P- Whilst we certainly take a lot of influence musically from other bands, our live show doesn’t feel like it’s replicated elsewhere. When we get on stage our energy levels sky rocket! Whether we’re playing to 5 people or 200+ it’s always the same. We couldn’t really name any bands we model ourselves off but if we could be like any band playing, it’d probably be Mr Big or Gojira!

You’re not strangers to big shows but how will the Bloodstock set stand out to you?

P- The biggest show we’ve played (attendance wise) was HRH Metal in Birmingham 2017 and that experience was surreal. Our management team (FATangel) have indicated to us that the crowd at Bloodstock will be even more ridiculous! So in answer to the question, it will most likely turn out to be the best experience of our young lives so far!

Do opportunities like this come around often for you as a band?

P- We’ve been extremely lucky to be given the opportunities that have been presented to us so far. Playing Godiva Festival, working with top producers and being welcomed into this wonderful metal family has been a joyous experience. However, this is hopefully only the start of Pelugion and there will be much more to come!

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