Interview With Pete Loades From Synaptik

Alex: Hey guys, I’m gonna throw the most generic question out first…How did Synaptik come into being?

Pete Loades – Drummer: With Synaptik it was quite easy, I started jamming and writing stuff with Ian the guitarist, he then got his guitar tutor jack to come down and have a jam, started to write some unusual kind of stuff, all we needed was a singer, who happened to be Ian’s brother John, who had lots of experience playing and touring, and with him he bought bassist Kev, who both have played in fifth season together previously.

I have to ask, where did the name come from?

Well a few ideas were being tossed around at the time, trying to incorporate so many aspects of the music, I think John came up with the name, it means the melding together of brain waves or patterns because we have so many ideas musically when we are writing, its a job to work them all in sometimes.

What are your influences and who are your musical icons?b

Bands like maiden, Metallica and Megadeth. Then got more in to the prog kind of stuff, Dream Theater and Rush.

You guys have just played Mammothfest. How cool was that?

It was good, second time we have played it, it was in a better venue this time around, parking and unloading was bit of a pain, but it always is round Brighton, we just about made it in time to get set up and play, we went down alright i think, bit more prog than what they are use too, but everyone who watched us was very appreciative, stuck around for a bit after we played, watch some bands, did some interviews, meet some nice people, had a few beers. Was a great day, busy one, it was packed. We hope to do more Festivals soon, we played Bloodstock few year ago, love to return.

Justify and Reason came out a little earlier this year. Are there plans for a new record at any point?

Still gigging off the back of that really, we are still in the studio every week writing and using what we learnt from Justify and Reason because it got great reviews, so we applying that to new material, sill be as good if not better ….. I hope.

Now with the new album, you guys have been playing around the country? Can you let the people know any more upcoming dates and where you’re gonna be for those?

Only got one more show this year at the B2 in Norwich, our home town, We have dates in Malta in February and at the moment putting a European tour together for next summer… that’s going to be a long one.

What do you guys do outside of music that contributes to your musicality? E.g. watching shit horror movies for inspiration…

Ha ha, yeah a few of us like the whole shit B movie stuff, little bit to much I find , but i don’t think it creeps in to our music, We do listen to a lot of music right across the board, That’s definitely is in our music. We also play and practice a lot at home and that show when we play live.. we pride ourselves on being tight live.

What CD is in your car right now, come on! Even if it’s embarrassing?

Got some Saxon and some Manowar, but only to get me in the right frame of mind when I am driving to work..

And finally, what does the future hold for SynaptiK? Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Just want to keep doing what we are doing, obviously if people dig what we do then great, it gets us out there playing more and more and they get to enjoy it with us. But hopefully would be great to gig over in Japan, They love their metal.

Head here for more on Synaptik: www.synaptikmetal.com 

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