EP Review: Crejuvent – Time

a.jpgCrejuvent – Time

Release Date: July 1st 2017

Genre: Extreme metal

Crejuvent’s debut, the Time EP, provides a dark and cynical account of the world from the view of the Liverpool musician.

Raw and packed with anger, the EP kicks off with the blunt lyrics ‘I love it when the universe shits on me’, setting a clear tone for the remainder of the track (and EP) to follow. The bold opening track is rich with guitars galore, which dominate the overall sound of the track and indicate from the outset that this is an EP not to miss.

Code Orange, the second track on the EP, begins much slower and with more depth and focus than preceding Fuck This Shit but the real magic unfolds as we reach track three. The strong beat throughout Malicious Clouds coupled with the desperate emotion creates an all-encompassing song with a beautiful overlay, providing a glorious melancholic atmosphere to an otherwise strong and heavy tune. This is by far the stand-out track of the album.

The smooth transition into the fourth and title track, Time, is initially a hard and heavy song with a strong riff throughout, this later flows into a slower and stripped back middle section which truly accentuates the powerful vocals Crejuvent have access to.

Opening with sound bites from The Simpsons and featuring an alternative vocal style which alternates between the harsher vocals seen previously and a more choral-vibe melodic style, Word Vomit concludes the EP in a fantastic guitar and drum fuelled finale which will leave any metal fans begging for more. The fast-paced and intense track pays homage to Crejuvent’s talent as the grittiness and determination of the vocals and lyrics provide an ultimate release for the listener, before being left with three drum beats and being emerged into silence once more.

Overall, this EP demonstrates an overwhelming potential of an unrecognised metal artist who depicts an eternal struggle with society and life through a ‘pretty badass’, as he writes himself, set of tracks. The variety of sound Crejuvent has control of highlights a true artist in the making but the overall clear style defines this musician as one to watch.

Recommended Track: Malicious Clouds

Overall Rating: 9/10

Time EP: crejuvent.bandcamp.com/album/time-ep

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Crejuvent/

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