Album Review: Eskimo Callboy – The Scene

636321520942851681.jpgEskimo Callboy – The Scene

Release Date: 25th August 2017

Label: Century Media Records

When a ‘scene’ kicks of there are always a few bands that define it, a few that get carried along for the journey, a load that get forgotten about and a few that turn up late and seem to get missed. Eskimo Callboy appear to gone out and pointed a finger at everyone within the metalcore scene primarily, but there is a message to be taken across all ‘scenes’.

What Eskimo Callboy have done here is write, record and mix an album by themselves that is of the highest quality in terms of production levels. The only problem seems to be that by becoming a subtle parody of the very scene that got them here they have forgotten to write an album that doesn’t fall into it’s own trap. Steel Panther have done the same with their latest album – by mocking too hard you end up becoming a parody of not only the scene, but a caricature of yourself.

There are some really good tracks in here, Banshee is really strong and Shallows has a huge riff to it, but tracks like VIP appear to be trying just that little bit too hard. The growled vocals are good throughout and musically it is all top notch. This is overall a decent album, just not one that will stick around in the memory too much. The line between fun, parody and self-deprecation and putting out a quality, consistent album appear to not have blurred as much as they should have.

Overall, there’s enough in here to please fans and there are a few tracks in here that, combined with the back catalogue, could produce more fans along the road. Now, just get a tour over here and we’ll see what you can do live!

Rating: 6/10

Recommended tracks: Banshee, Shallows, Nightlife

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