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Single Review: Maudiir – L’Éloge du Cuivre

Maudiir – L’Éloge du Cuivre

Release Date: 22nd February 2023


Sometimes you just need a one-man black/thrash metal project to soothe the soul and Maudiir is here in full Canadian glory to do just that.

Clocking in a just over five minutes, ‘L’Éloge du Cuivre’ is a tumultuous track, ranging from gritty vocals through soaring solos to pounding drums and those unforgettable thrash riffs. The track is potentially not quite black enough for some and may not be quite thrashy enough for others, but the combination here is likely to please those niche fans that are looking for a Helmet’s ‘Unsung’ style riffs to be matched up with harsher vocals.


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