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Single Review: Fallensun – Drowning In Atrophy

Fallensun – Drowning In Atrophy

Release Date: 20th January 2023

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They’re just a couple of years into their career so far but Canadian metal mob Fallensun are really starting to come into their own.

After 2021’s debut release, The Wake Of The Fall, saw them pick up some good reviews the band have taken a bit of time to get themselves moving on again and ‘Drowning In Atrophy’ is the result. An initial boom gives way to careful picking before the aural assault recommences. Bass peddles are pounded, growls heard and riffs blasted out. This is as metal as metal gets and it’s feels great.

After almost nine minutes long the song is, like any song over five minutes, at risk of getting a bit dull, but the pace and energy is changed up regularly to ensure there’s no staleness. Quite the opposite in fact, ‘Drowning In Atrophy’ is a triumph and 2023 could be an important year for Fallensun.


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