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Single Review: Wirefall – Time Machine

Wirefall – Time Machine

Release Date: 20th January 2023

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Hailing from Poland, Wirefall are bringing a delightful blend of metal and hip-hop, the result of which is bound to draw some comparisons to nu-metal, but brought a bit further along into the 21st century.

‘Time Machine’ is the result of this combination and the second track released by the band. Opening scratches will be a throwback to Hybrid Theory for many but that’s really where the comparisons end as modern hip-hop dropped over a bass-driven alt-metal track.

This is as easy listening as you could possibly imagine a genre-spanning track like this, choruses upping the energy each time they crop up and scratches towards the end feeling a little more abrasive but still resulting in a track that, despite being about heartbreak and regret leaves you feeling pretty good about life.

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