Treehouse: The Fest Shalom Interview

Fest Shalom is here! This weekend Beth Shalom’s best bands play Signature Brew Haggerston, and we caught up with Treehouse to chat about the festival and their live show.

How would you explain the sound of Treehouse to those that haven’t heard you? 

if you’re fucking miserable and like post-hardcore, look no further!

What was it like getting signed to Beth Shalom Records?  

absolutely unreal! We’d all seen the bands and artists already on the roster and didn’t think we had a chance in hell on such a popular record label, so it’s a huge honour.

How will you get yourselves prepared for playing live again? 

matching boy band outfits.

Which band on the Fest Shalom lineup are you most excited to catch and why? 

Billy: Lastelle. Banger after banger from these lads, been meaning to see em for a while and can’t wait to throw hands. And of course, Buds! Cannot wait to hear the new tracks from the EP.

Dom: Im very excited to see Buds because I have been following them since they first got together and nobody does straight up punk like them! Im also excited to see ASL one more time before they go as they have always been very good friends!

Max: I’m always excited to see Kieran PA. Too talented for his own good that lad is.


You can purchase tickets to Fest Shalom here. DO IT!

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